Probatone 60


Probatone 60 – Impressive output, impressive sales


If a coffee is selling well, then a large format Probatone is surely the ideal choice. Key data; 60 kg/batch.
    • Optimal roasting and blending

Consistent homogeneous roast of the coffee beans thanks to Probat specific air-to-bean ratio and special shovel mechanism

    • Simple, simultaneous cooling

Fast. gentle cooling of the roasted product in a generously proportioned cooling sieve.

    • Built-in convenience

Maximum flexibility thanks to infinitely adjustable gas regulation

    • Safe, effective chaff collection Automatic brew group cleaning program

Cut maintenance time with the separate chaff cyclone and easy-access side panel. Brushes mounted under the cooling sieve allow for automatic, headache-free cleaning.


 System voltage Available combinations on request
 Consumption per selected heating type  Natural Gas <2.92 m3/Batch

Propane Gas <2.27 KG/Batch

 Power of consumption of motors <1.5KWH/Batch
 Length  3800 mm
 Width  1440 mm
 Height  2360 mm
 Weight  1200 KG

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