Probatone 25

Probatone 25 – Professional shop roasting

The ideal roaster for those who simply have no time to lose. And anyone else, too. The Probatone 25 can do it all at gentler pace too, if needed. Like the coffee world itself: it’s just how the coffee wants to be treated.
Selling 600 kilos of coffee every day is quite a challenge. When established blends or single origins have found their own circle of friends, the Probatone 25 is just the right machine with plenty in reserve.


  • Consistency and absolutely reproducible roasting results
  • Optimal roasting and blending
  • Simple, simultaneous cooling
  • Built-in convenience
  • Safe, effective chaff collection automatic brew group cleaning program


System voltage 400V/50HZ or 230V/60 HZ
Consumption per selected heating type Natural Gas <1.38 m3/Batch

Propane Gas <1.07KG/Batch

Power of consumption of motors <0.7 KWH/Batch
Length 2.5m
Width 1.28m
Height 2.3m
Min. Ceiling Height 3m
Weight 930Kg


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