Probatone 5

Probatone 5 – The conveniently sized all-rounder


The Probatone 5 can do everything that the bigger Probatone machines can do. It is conveniently sized, an all-rounder: roasting and cooling while looking good at the same time. Once you’ve got one, you’ll never want to let it go even if your business grows.
It is the perfect partner due to an excellent roasting quality and efficient roasting result. It is fast and the gentle cooling of the roasted product in generously proportioned cooling sieve. Available with Pilot Roaster Shop semi-automatic controller on request.
  • A superior roast every time
  • Fully adjustable burner
  • Precision control
  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • Maintenance made simple
  • Consistency and absolutely reproducible roasting results


System voltage 400V/50HZ or 230V/60 HZ
Consumption per selected heating type Natural Gas <0.35 m3/Batch
Power of consumption of motors <0.3 KWH/Batch
Length 1.4m
Width .87m
Height 1.8m
Min. Ceiling Height 2.5m
Weight 340KG

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