Installation and Maintenance

AVINX Installation

Shop Roaster Installation

AVINX designs and installs coffee shops

AVINX designs coffee shops and can assist you in creating a quality coffee shop you desire, wherever this may be. We work according to your budget and work only with quality subcontractors. The quality of a coffee shop can only be guaranteed, if you know you have quality supervision on site. AVINX is all about quality. We can assist in decoration of the shop, including furniture and other details. If needed we could deliver your coffee shop as a turn-key project.

AVINX Maintenance


Coffee Shop Maintenance,  AVINX has it covered

AVINX has a team of well trained technicians to support our services. In effect, most of them have been around roasters or espresso machines for a long time of their professional life. We assure your roaster and your other equipment will be well-maintained. For instance, we schedule together with your shop manager regular visits to assure your equipment is always in the best possible condition. Consequently you can concentrate on your shop, giving it a fresh look every day.