Barista A2



Striking shapes, strong performance

    • 14L copper boiler with two heat exchangers at 0.5L each
    • 2 ECM brew groups with stainless steel bells
    • Connectible, electronically controlled pre-infusion
    • Programmable dosing of 4 coffee buttons and 1 tea
      button on each group
    • Programmable group cleaning
    • High-quality, stainless steel workmanship
    • High-performance rotary pump; adjustable from the
      bottom of the machine
    • Cold water mixing valve for brewing tea
    • Easy boiler drainage for transport
    • Water level indicator
    • High Cups: 11 cm
    • 2 curved steam wands; 1 hot water wands
    • Height-adjustable feet

Technical Specifications
ECM brewing groups
ECM brew group(patented)  2 groups
Boiler  copper, ca. 14L
Dual gauges
Rotary pump
Steam wand  2
Hot water wand 1
Pre-infusion, electronically controlled
Programmable dosing
Programmable group cleaning
Cold water mixing for brewing tea
High Cups  11 cm
Water level indication
Chromed ECM Portafilter  3, ergonomically angled
Large cup warming tray
Height-adjustable feet
Output 4000 W
Voltage 2 phases  230 Volt
Weight  72.5 kg
Dimensions (without filter carrier)
W x D x H
700 x 540 x 575 mm



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